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Mr. Sonny Napial

GSBA USA National Co-Director

I have been involved in martial arts for over 50 years, initially as a competitor in International Tournaments representing the Tracy Kenpo Style and later as a competitor in various Eskrima tournaments both in fighting and forms.  I subsequently went on to hold numerous positions in several organizations over the years including UWMAF (Unified World Martial Arts Federation), WEKAF (World Eskrima Kali Arnis Federation), Doce Pares Eskrima and GSBA (Global Stick and Blade Alliance).  I’ve been a coach, judge, referee and Tournament Director at the Regional, National and International level.  One of my key contributions is the creation of the 3 Person Team competition for Eskrima Live Stick.  I developed the rules and convinced others that we should try it out as an exhibition.  It was so well received that it is now viewed as one of the most exciting divisions to watch, the grand finale at our tournaments.  I’m also the Founder and Chief Instructor of the Visayan Legacy Association (VLA) and many of our students have gone on to become World Champions.  If you are interested in any additional information about VLA check out our website at


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