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Mrs. Linda Napial

GSBA USA Secretary

My route to GSBA is not the typical competitor path, though many years ago I did train in Kenpo.  My training was cut short when I was practicing and dropped an elbow on my instructors back which put him out of commission.  So, my brief stint training as a martial artist came to a close and I focused my super powers elsewhere.  In 2004, I began assisting the organization in various support capacities at tournaments.  We gradually evolved from handwritten brackets and scoresheets to using Daga Software created by Dale de los Reyes.  Though I support the organization in many background functions, such as planning tournaments, my key contribution is overseeing the use of Daga at tournaments.  I’ve served on both the GSBA USA and International Board of Directors in various roles over the years, including Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Director.  The cute guy in the picture with me is Stitch and he is the true ninja in the family.


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